The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Bulgaria represents non profit students associations whose main goal is to provide support to the exchange students in different universities of Sofia and other cities of Bulgaria. Their members assist the social and practical integration of these students in our country under the principle of the intercultural dialogue and also reintegration of homecoming Bulgarian students, who have taken part in mobility program abroad. In order to achieve these goals the Erasmus clubs:
-provide the exchange students with relevant information for their better orientation at the hosting environment
-create a mentor system under the principle of “Students Helping Students”
-create informal contacts between the Bulgarian and the exchange students
-organize various events and activities as:
*excursions and visits to various cultural and historical places within Bulgaria and the country from the region
*Erasmus parties every week
*sports and urban orientational games
*international dinners
*days of international universities
…and many more social exchange activites!