This international project of ESN enables students to engage in social and volunteering activities, bringing them closer to the local communities they live in.

The program promotes social attitude among international students and facilitates their social integration into the local community while exploring the added value that resides in the diversity in Europe.

Taking part in the international weeks can make a difference in the life of your international students and the life of the local community. 
Use this chance to help your society!
"Reach higher! Go further! Go Social! "

The students will do a small presentation of themselves, telling the class about the country they come from, the culture they have been raised in and much more interesting details and stories.
The schools are :
  1. High School of Commerce (next to Sevastopol) - English and German 
  2. First Language School -English and German
  3. VIII Elementary School "Pushkin" - English ,Italian
  4. IV Language School - French
28/04/2014 to 29/04/2014
Several Schools