Hello, sexy people! 

ESN wants to invite you to the spring excursion to the North of Bulgaria. We will see one of the oldest capitals in Bulgaria from the second kingdom. We will cross Bulgaria up to the north-west Danube River. There are lots of interesting sights, places and even one of the most famous caves in Bulgaria. Don’t forget, the trip will be full of different surprises and Erasmus events. You don’t need a lot - just bring your enthusiasm!!!



05:15h – departure from Varna Train Station
12:00h – visit of Ledenika cave
14:30h – visit of Vratza center
18:00h – arrival in the hotel in Vidin
20:30h – (meeting in front of the hotel – be on time please) if you want an organized restaurant for everybody just tell us in the bus
22:30h –party time (do you know some drinking games???)
01:00h – the night has just begun (we are ready and happy for the party)


07:30h – we are still returning from the last night disco
08:00h – some people are going to sleep, others still no….
11:30h – meeting in front of the hotel and please be on time to go to Baba Vida fortress in Vidin, the Danube river alley and the Magura cave – one of the biggest caves in Europe!
20:00h – Possibility for organized restaurant (10 lv deposit the previous day – fixed menu – chicken or vegetables) 
01:00h – Party time


11:00h – we have to get up but almost everybody is sleeping
11:30h – if we do not get up the women cleaning the rooms will throw us out of bed
12:00h – visit of the fortress of Belogradchik (you can see the wonderful sights of the cliffs, we will jump in the fortress and afterwards up high over the cliffs you have never seen on another place in the world).
15:30h – departure for Varna
16:57h - taiking the train from Mezdra to Varna (very important hour for our group :D )
23:02h – arrival in Varna

For information about the trip, you can always contact the ESN team!


10.03.2015. (We extend the deadline for the Erasmus who are on the trip to Uzana - if they want to join, they can do it the day after or in advance).

20/03/2015 to 23/03/2015
20.03.2015 05:15am departure from Varna Train Station; 23.03.2015 11:02pm – arrival in Varna
Meeting Point: 
Varna Train Station
For ESN Cardholders: 140 leva; For the rest of the world:150 leva
What's included: 
  • Train tickets in both ways
  • bus 3*
  • hotel 2* (2 nights in the hotel)
  • travelling insurance
  • some surprises but only for the party people
  • THE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE Museum taxes (around 7 lv.) and food expenses
  • Everyone is invited.