Give us a second and close your eyes - imagine the  blue sea, the calm waves coming to the shore, the pleasant breeze in your hair, the golden sand under your toes.... Chill out music coming from somewhere... you reach out... and grab your glass of Mojito... You take a sip... Did you imagine it? And now imagine doing this in the company of fellow ESN friends???

The year is over and it is time to gather for one more time to discuss it and take some new inspirations for September. There is no better place to do it but on seaside where summer mood can start in its full power.

We are proud to welcome you to the ESN National Platform!

We will work, inspire, discuss and after that we will enjoy the sea, the waves, the sand... and the mint leaves in the mojito ;) 

We will be waiting for you!!!

12/07/2014 to 13/07/2014
  • Everyone is invited.