Hey Erasmus bunch,

A lot of you already know each other, partied with each other and explored a bit of Varna. We at ESN though are going to give you your Welcome Days too and it's going to be awesome, amazing, unbelievable (are we overhyping this? don't mean to build up expectations or anything!) :)

So, in short, here's the deal:

Friday 27/02/15
16.30: Registration (Кафе-бар БиблиотекатА Lazy & Coffee)
17.30: Bularian dances  (Bar Red)
20.30: Dinner (Ресторант Джао Джоу)
22.00: Responsible Party (Coffee House)
Saturday 28/02/15
11.00: City tour varna (meet in front of the Cathedral)
13.30: Lunch (алба стара)
15.30: Workshop Martenitsa (club Base)
20.30: Welcome dinner ("Nashentsi" Mehana)
23.30: Welcome party (Xtravaganzza
Sunday 01/03/15
11.30: Half day trip to Aladja monastery


27/02/2015 to 01/03/2015
Feb 27th 16:30pm
45 euro = 90 leva (leva is a preferred payment method)
What's included: 
  • look at schedule in the body of the event;)
Contact details: 
  • Everyone is invited.