Hi folks!

We would like to invite all of you to the Christmas & International Party, which will take place in Varna Free University. Every country will have a separate table, on which they will place dishes, characteristic for your country! We invite everybody and urge you not to forget to bring your delicious meals!

There will be many games and awards for the winners. We also have big CHALLENGE for you – every country will dance their own traditional dance. You can show your creativity by wearing typical clothes for your country (heheh).

Especially for you there will be a special Bulgarian ensemble dancing !! :) 
The time goes fast and most of you are leaving very soon soo… Unfortunately I have to say that this is our last party organized by the ESN Varna team. 
Come and enjoy it! 

ESN+EVS+International students in Varna=AWESOME EVENT!

P.S The food and drinks will be transported by cars!

You can come by bus,taxi or whatever you want :P

12/12/2014 - 00:00
Varna Free University (VFU) Chaika 9007 Varna, Bulgaria
Meeting Point: 
Varna Free University (VFU) Chaika 9007 Varna, Bulgaria
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  • Everyone is invited.